Activities in Melnsils

SUP rental

SUP or stand up paddle is a new form of sports or rather active recreation, which has rapidly gained popularity around the world and is also in “Melnsils”. SUP allows you to navigate the water and split the sea waves, standing on a wide, stable surfboard and rowing with one paddle. SUP boarding in Melnsils is a relaxing water fitness sport with the bonus of a wonderful natural landscape all around! SUP board price - 8 euros for the first hour, 5 euros for each subsequent hour

Kayak rental

In ancient times, the kayak was used to hunt in inland lakes, rivers and coastal waters, but today the kayak can be used to hunt a romantic sunset or sunrise and unforgettable scenery and unprecedented emotions. It is also possible to go by kayak to Melnsils river, by which you can go up a few hundred meters, thanks to the locals, who cleared the river from fallen trees, as a result, the rowing and "hunting" route has become longer. Single kayak price - 5 euros per hour, double kayak price - 7 euros per hour.

Bike rental

A bike ride can turn into an adventure, by discovering undiscovered places and taking no unpaved nature trails and seaside routes! We offer bicycles of various sizes, for both adults and children. To make the trip with a child safe, we also offer helmets. Bicycles are not intended for a large sports trip, but for enjoying a trip along the seacoast or forest trails. Price 5 euros per hour / 20 euros all day.

Fishing boat rental

A trip on a fishing boat by sea or along the Melnsils river will be a great meditation for mind and body. We offer fishing boat rental with a capacity of up to 4 people, to enjoy a soothing, even glide on the surface of the boat, sunset reflection colour therapy and a comprehensive, soothing silence of nature Price – 5 euros per hour, 20 euros for all day.

Playground for children

Little adventure seekers will love the climbing option in ship format, testing the strength of the hands by hanging on the threads of ropes, strength with the force of the wind by swinging on a swing.

Hot-tub rental

Romantic feelings and relaxation in the evening, watching the sunrise by the sea, it will be possible to get in the tub at the campsite. Price - 50 euros (2 hours) / 100 euros (all day).

Bird watching

Latvia is among one of the world’s three most important bird migration paths, and during migration seasons in spring and autumn, tens of thousands of birds can be seen at one place. Latvia’s flat terrain and a climate in which precipitation exceeds evaporation means that particularly along the seashore, there are wetlands that are appropriate for water birds – shallow lagoons and high swamps.

Table tennis

A great way to relax at Melnsils Camping is to play table tennis. You will be able to play tennis, both big and small, you can also play games for four people.

Mini Zoo area

Mini Zoo and playground in camping territory. The campsite has a small mini zoo world with fluffy animal friends such as chickens, rabbits and goats. Anyone, big or small, can come, meet and talk with "palm-sized" animals, as well as treat them with a delicious healthy snack.

Bathhouse Services

Relax in the sauna and enjoy the power of nature. Give yourself a moment of peace. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the daily rush. A bather and a herbalist will take care of you. In the rich world of plant and ancestral knowledge, she has found her special space for giving love, and will open the world of baths just for you! Each broom, plant and flower is provided with true love, so that everyone on their sauna trip will receive a special approach and unforgettable enjoyment. 1. Individual relaxing sauna ritual in the length of 3h-4h (price for 1 person - 90 EUR, for 2 persons - 160 EUR + sauna costs). Sauna evening in the company (8-10 persons) for 3 hours (45 EUR per person + sauna costs). Please be informed that the Bathhouse's services must be applied for at least a week in advance by calling 28605606 or writing to

Fish Master Class

Fish smoking master class accompanied by a local fisherman. The duration of the master class is about 2 hours. Please be informed that you can apply for a master class in advance by calling 28605606 or writing to Prices - individually, according to your wishes.


Leave the car with us, take a bus to Kolka and come back by foot. After such a walk, we recommend enjoying a cold refreshing beer while sitting in a hot tub.