Informa(on for the Residents and Visitors of Roja Municipality

* An individual shall be held liable for the breaches of public order, expression of disrespect and impudent ac2on.
* An individual shall be held liable for crea2ng noise or permi6ng the noise to be created, if such noise disturbs the peace of the neighbours.

* While in the dunes and on the beach:
o Entry with a mechanised vehicles shall be prohibited,
o Pedestrians shall proceed to the beach by using the roads

and paths especially designed for this purpose,
o Cars shall be parked in the car parking lots,
o Picking herbs, breaking branches and other types of

damage to vegeta*on and soil cover shall be prohibited, o Waste shall be disposed into the waste bins only.

* Smoking restric.ons are in effect on the beaches, in the parks, children playgrounds and at the premises of catering service providers.
* Use of alcoholic beverages or other intoxica3ng substances in public places shall be prohibited.

* Minors shall be prohibited from a2ending public places and entertainment facili,es from 10:00 p.m. un,l 07:00 a.m., unless accompanied by adults.
* Transport vehicles shall be parked in place where parking is permi$ed only.

* Dogs must be walked on a leash in public places and dogs may not be walked in children playgrounds, sports grounds, beaches. The dog owner shall have the duty to collect the faeces of their pets.

Contact informa,on

Police 110
Rescue service 112 Ambulance 113 Municipal police 28600215

Roja Tourist Informa(on Centre

Selgas Street 33, Roja, Rojas municipality, LV-3264 Phone: 63269594, 28630590, !,