The beach house

The beach house is a caravan which is equipped with electricity, fridge, kettle and a terrace with a view to the sea.

Toilet and summer shower are located 50 meters from this accommodation.


2 persons: 50 €
3 persons: 60 €
4 persons: 70 €

For Kids

For kids

What will make children truly happy? The answer is simple – mini Zoo and playground in the camp site territory! The camp site offers a mini zoo world with fluffy animal friends – chicken, pigeons and rabbits. Everyone – big or small – can come up, get acquainted and have a talk with “palm size” animals and treat them with a tasty snack. Little adventurers will love climbing structure in shape of ship, examination of arm strength while hanging in ropes, and struggling with wind force in swings. Bigger and more sportive visitors will enjoy playing of badminton, possibility to organize their own small table tennis or Novus tournament, or trying the hand preciseness in darts. Spend your time together in fresh air being active – it will fill your family with energy and joy!

Wooden disc

We have connected tractor trailer shaft with wooden disc and created “Melnsils” inertia capacity measuring wheel. You can feel inertia nearly everywhere, in each step and movement; however, we do not pay a lot of attention to inertia in every day. Sit down on the wooden disc, start rotation with a take-off, and spin around all “Melnsils” wind nets by feeling your body speed turnovers.


Sightseeing objects

Trommel castle:

Old stories tell in that in 14th century, in the seashore in Melnsils, the only real Latvian pirate Trommel used to live. He owned Trommel castle on a high dune on the left bank of River Baķupīte. While ships were waiting for tailwind to sail around the nearby Cape Kolka, Trommel robbed ships and stored the robbed treasure in his castle cellars. One could see the location and walls of the castle in the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century when local inhabitants used stones and bricks for construction of their homes. The Trommel castle is not standing today anymore but everybody is welcome to visit pits dig by seekers of the hidden treasure as well as the medieval fortification that is a national archaeological monument. The castle is located in Roja parish, 400 m Northeast from Melnsils village shop, 100 m from Kraujas farm.

White dune:

There is a state forest zone in area from Kaltene to the border of Slītere national park between highway and the sea. The most protectable object in this seashore stretch is the 20 m high Pūrciems white dune that is located 500 m from the seashore line and established 6000 years ago. Pūrciems white dune is a national archaeological monument and attracts with its primeval nature, ancient profoundness and true stories about finding primeval Stone Age civilization settlement in Latvia Northwest coast which is available for each interested visitor. Pūrciems white dune offers a pleasant rest in fresh air – a special 900 m long walk trail along banks of River Pilsupīte, landscaped territory, and wooden footbridges for more convenient walk along ancient trails, roomy observation desks and places for rest! Friends of nature will evaluate the primeval landscape of Pūrciems white dune and the restful atmosphere of nature!

Slītere National Park:

Slītere National Park is a fascinating cast of nature that established from Baltic Ice Lake bed several thousands of years ago. The area of Slītere National Park composes 16,360 ha and, in the modern world, no such nature complex has exceeded it in area yet. Slītere National Park offers adventures of nearly untouched nature to lovers of nature – geologic and biologic diversity of the park – forest, swamps, dunes and lowlands, rare species of plants and species of protectable animals and birds.

Visitors can enjoy 4 nature trails, observation desks, and cycling tracks that lead through the whole Slītere National Park. Get yourself acquainted with Slītere National Park on an environment friendly and convenient drive! There is one of the most popular tourism objects of Latvia – Cape Kolka which welcomes more than 50,000 travellers annually but during bird spring migration more than 10,000 birds fly over it every hour. In addition, the territory of the park contains ancient evidence of Livonian fishing villages and their culture. The law of peace, silence and nature rules in Slītere National Park. You can hear not only the voice of nature but your heartbeat as well!

Cape Kolka:

Cape Kolka is the most explicit cape in Latvia seashore which you can find when going to the distal North point in Kurzeme peninsula. Cape Kolka is place were the open Baltic sea meets the Riga bay, where waves of both “seas” run up to each other and exchange the power of seas. The cape continues under water as a shelf for 6 km; and the sea washes against its back 0.5-3 meters deep. On an artificial island at the end of the shelf, the Kolka lighthouse is located. This is a place to enjoy sunrises and sunsets, raging of two seas and echo of synchronized wing strokes of sea birds during their landing nearby!

Ēvaži Steep:

Ēvaži Steep can be proud of its dimensions because it is the highest one along the whole Riga bay; only Jūrkalne Steep exceeds its height shortly. It is located a few-minutes’ walk away from “Melnsils” camp site. You can reach Ēvaži Steep using footpath from the Steep top were you will enjoy the sea panorama and brightness-filled sunrises or taking a walk along the seashore underneath where you can struggle the sea wind and try to beat the sound of pine rustle in stormy weather. Ēvaži Steep is located next to the border of Slītere National Park when driving along Riga – Kolka highway. Ēvaži Steep will fill you with power of nature, strength of sea wind, and energy of sunrise!

Dundaga castle:

Dundaga castle, the biggest castle in North Kurzeme, was built in the 13th century and still preserves its ancient castle profile. Despite it has experienced change of several masters, fire devastation, and rebuilding, today it is one of the most extensive places where people celebrate life and festivities! Dundaga castle will turn into a great discovery to all lovers of untraditional accommodations because it offers several convenient and cheap possibilities for a shelter for the night as well as an opportunity to find out if the legendary Green Maiden is really walking around the castle in late night.

Roja fishing museum:

To feel the mood of ancient fishing village, you have to start with visiting of Roja fishing museum. Owing to responsiveness of inhabitants, the museum offers extensive totality of historic materials about history of seashore villages. Here you can get yourself acquainted with history of fishing and fish processing from the 19th century to nowadays, Livonian bank, characteristics of sailing ships’ construction, and establishing of Roja nautical school and to get to know personalities who have brought the name of Roja to Latvia and world better, such as Krišjānis Valdemārs.

The local guide will explain the history of Roja region and train the cording technique of sailors’ knots!

Roja open-air cord trail:

Roja open-air 3-level cord trail is a place where a big one and a small one can get a physical charge! The cord trail is located at Roja beach in pines growing in the territory. The charge of physical energy will be provided by the strengthening and healing air of pine forest, physical challenge of 15 obstacles and 3 descents during which everybody can detect the limits of his/her vigour!

Nature monument
“Kaltene kalvas”:

Kaltene kalvas” is a unique, the only such formation in Latvia. What “Katlene kalvas” is? It is a huge, dam-like stone pilings-up overgrown with forests. It formed several thousands of years ago when the Baltic Ice Lake stepped back. However, Roja local inhabitants have their own story to tell: “A very long time ago, the devil was bringing stones from Sweden to Talsi for building of the tenth hill but he was so slow that he didn’t manage while it was dark. When the local Kaltene cock started its morning song, he threw the stones where he was.”

It is up to you, which version to believe! Maybe you will create your own story about this unique formation of stones and forest after visiting this specially protected national nature monument that is wrapped in stories and tales. You can see “Kaltene kalvas” by taking a shorter (800 m) or longer (1.5 km) walking route.

Horn museum / horn collection in Vaide “Purvziedi”:

Each of us has some hobby, and forester Edgars Hausmanis has got one! He is keeping a collection of forest animals’ horns. The collection is not formed from hunting trophies, it is made of valuable forest findings left by forest animals in Slītere forest during change of horns. Take a look at the horn collection (more than 550 horns of forest animals) created in thirty years in Kolka parish Vaide. This is one of the rare places where fences characteristic to Livonian farms are being maintained until today. A leafy yew grows at the fence. And, here you will have a unique possibility to have a seat in chairs made of elk and deer horns!

Bunker 13

Camping is located in historical place, that have seen both world wars. Along the shore is still many evidences of that time. Two bunkers that was built by Germans are restored. Now everyone can enjoy the feeling of that time and place.

*Bunker houses for 6 persons


1 night        90.00 Eiro
3 nights     255.00 Eiro
7 nights     595.00 Eiro

Check-in from 14:00, check-out till 12:00

90.00 €

Small bunker

Camping is located in historical place, that have seen both world wars. Along the shore is still many evidences of that time. Two bunkers that was built by Germans are restored. Now everyone can enjoy the feeling of that time and place.

*Bunker for 4 persons


1 night        70.00 Eiro
3 nights     195.00 Eiro
7 nights     455.00 Eiro

Check-in from 14:00, check-out till 12:00

70.00 €


22 Euro Hour

36 Euro 2 Hours

Second floor room for 2 persons:

1 night  50 Eiro 

All bathhouse:

1 night  100 Eiro

22.00 €

Kubuls 1


50 Eiro 2 hours

100 Eiro all day

50.00 €

Kubuls 2


50 Eiro 2 hours

100 Eiro all day

50.00 €

Off-road segway

30 min – 15 Eur

1h – 25 Eur

15/25 €

SUP rent

SUP or stand up paddle is a new type of sport, or, to be more precise, of active rest that has become popular all over the world including “Melnsils”. SUP lets you move over water and cut the sea waves by standing on a wide, stable surf board and rowing with one oar. Supping in “Melnsils” is a relaxing type of water fitness with additional bonus – wonderful landscape all around!

Price: EUR 8.00 per hour.

8.00 €

Kayak rental

In ancient times I used a kayak to go hunting inland lakes, rivers and coastal waters , but today the kayak can be used to go to a romantic sunset or sunrise and unforgettable natural view and unprecedented emotion hunting. Kayaking is also possible to get Melnsila the great river , along which you can go up , thanks to the local people who cleaned the river from pārgāzušiem trees as a result of rowing and ” hunting ” the path has become longer. 5.00 to 7.00 Euro an hour ; 17.00 to 22.00  Euro per day

5.00 €

Rent of fishers’ boat

Row with a fishers’ boat along the sea or River Melnsils will provide a great mediation for body and mind. We offer rent of fishers’ boat for up to 4 people for enjoying of restful and even sliding of the boat over the water, colour therapy of sunset glow and extensive, mind-resting silence of nature. EUR 5.00 per hour; EUR 20.00 per day.

5.00 €

Rent of Nordic walking sticks

Nordic walking makes a simple walk along the beach or pine forest more sportive. Nordic walking is not too hard at any age and you can do it both alone and with friends. Nordic walking will flex your body and the fresh sea and pine air will make you feel much better. Prices: EUR 2.00 per hour; EUR 10.00 per day.

2.00 €

Table Novus

Novus is a miniature – billiards, billiards similar, but unique , played by the novus table with cue making hit by stones , made of wood. Table is made of wood , square 1 x 1 m , with round holes stūros.Novuss is a Latvian national sport of novus tables. [1] Novus table, it asked mayors , the name of the playing rules created in Latvian territory , where the novus tables is played since 1927 ; rules of the game developed in the early 1930s . 1932 on 15 – 17 April for arranging the first Latvian novus championship .
3.00 Euro / hour

3.00 €

Bicycle rent

A ride on a bicycle can turn into an adventure were you will discover undiscovered places and ride through nature trails and seashore routes nobody has ridden before! We offer bicycles of different sizes both for the big and the small ones. To make the ride with a child safe, we offer the rent of helmets as well. Bicycles are not supposed for sport rides, they are intended for pleasant ride along seashore or forest trails.

EUR 3.00 per hour; EUR 12.00 per day.

3.00 €