Krišjānis Valdemārs’ room

The Latvian honour and pride is the leader of the first revival of Latvian nation and the most remarkable marine specialist, the man from our district Krišjānis Valdemārs. He was fighting for laws on nautical schools and facilitated opening of farmers’ nautical schools in coastal villages. Consequently, approximately 4000 Latvian seamen received nautical schools’ education and they were well-known in Russia and abroad, even in the American continent. There was a lot of man from Talsi region among the ones who received the first seaman’s education in the small coastal villages’ schools in Roja, Ģipka or Mazirbe. Nautical schools facilitated development of sailing ships’ construction in fishing villages. Since timber and labour was cheap and coastal relief was favourable, the Talsi region coast from Roja to Mērsrags became the main ship building centre in Kurzeme. “Krišjānis Valdemārs” room is suitable for the ones who want to regain the peace and find new creativity reserves. Here, while sleeping in the double bed at open window and breathing the refreshing sea and pine air, you will have only the brightest thoughts in your mind; while sitting at the ancient desk you will write down the wisest verities; and, walks along the beach will bring back the peace to your body and mind.


1 night        60.00 Euro
3 nights     170.00 Euro
7 nights     400.00 Euro

Check-in from 14:00, check-out till 12:00

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