Trommel castle room

Pirates of the 21st century or sea robbers are surreal characters of Hollywood adventure movies or mask balls. However, the pirate Trommel who lived in Melnsils in the 14th century was a real person of that time. The amount of fortune robbed by Trommel was so huge that treasure chests were not enough; therefore, he was storing all the robbed fortune in the Trommel castle cellar. The Trommel castle is not standing today anymore but everybody is welcome to visit pits dig by seekers of the hidden treasure as well as the medieval fortification that is a national archaeological monument. The Trommel castle is located 100 m north from camp site “Melnsils”. Fans of pirate theme will truly enjoy the “Trommel castle” room. It has a pirate-worthy double bed, treasure chest for storing of different items and bathroom.


1 night        60.00 Euro
3 nights     170.00 Euro
7 nights     400.00 Euro

Check-in from 14:00, check-out till 12:00

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